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Vyapar Kesari, which is a publication of the NNS Media Group, is a national daily newspaper dedicated especially to food and other agricultural produce news. It was started in the year 1983 with the aim of providing commodity news to Hindi-speaking businessmen/entrepreneurs of India, and today, readers of Vyapar Kesari are spread across the entire country. This daily newspaper publishes reports of various markets, commodity analysis, market trends, and fluctuations, among others. In fact, Vyapar that publishes news and experts’ opinions on almost all agricultural products. This is why today, among wholesale traders, brokers, commission agents, indenters, as well as exporters and importers of agricultural products, Vyapar Kesari has become very popular, among various food processing industries such as rice mills, oil mills, flour mills, pulse mills, dairy industries, spice manufacturers, food material manufacturers, flavors and color manufacturers, etc. Currently, Vyapar Kesari covers more than 1500 grain markets throughout India, and it is read with great enthusiasm by small and large traders in almost all markets of India. Vyapar Kesari is the only daily newspaper dedicated specifically to food products. You too can benefit from staying connected with Vyapar Kesari to learn about food product news and their trends and fluctuations.

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Grain & Pulses

Wheat: unfavourable weather conditions in MP New Delhi, 15 April (NNS): The arrivals of wheat showed heavy downfall during the last week due to...
Red Chilli


Red chilli: less possibility to increase New Delhi, 15 April (NNS): The prices of red chilli 334 no. remained stable at Rs 21,500 per...
Soyabean Oil

Oils & oilseed

Soya oil: no uptrend New Delhi, 15 April (NNS): The prices of soya refined remained stable at Rs 10300 per quintal due to the...

Dry Fruits

New Delhi, March 20 (NNS): Despite the improved prices, the demand for almonds remains sluggish here. As a result, California almonds are priced at...


New Delhi, March 20 (NNS): Companies in Uttar Pradesh have increased the price of liquid milk by one rupee, setting it at 44/45 rupees...


New Delhi, March 20 (NNS): Due to lack of customer support and selling pressure from retailers, the prices of sugar remained low at 3750/3885...
Daily News

Commodity Analysis

latest updates in the world of agriculture and food production.

गुजरात में चालू समर सीजन में फसलों की कुल बुआई में आई कमी

नई दिल्ली। गुजरात में चालू समर सीजन में फसलों की कुल बुआई 0.03 फीसदी पिछड़कर 15 अप्रैल 2024 तक केवल 11.36 लाख हेक्टेयर में ही…


New Delhi, 15 April (NNS): Menthe oil prices improved by Rs 4 to Rs 1028 per kg  due to the limited buying from the stockists.…


New Delhi, 15 April (NNS): Here, both the prices of gold and silver showed heavy uptrend due to the uncertainty in the international markets after…

Spices and dry fruits

New Delhi, 15 April (NNS): The prices of turmeric erode gatha asitis and mini selam finger rose by Rs 200 to Rs 15000/15400 and Rs…


New Delhi, 15 April (NNS): The prices of sugar in Simbhaoli, Kinauni, Budhana, Mawana, Dhampurand Bundaki mills improved by Rs 5/22 to Rs 3860, Rs…

Oil and oil seeds

New Delhi, 15 April (NNS): The prices of soybean refined mill delivery, soya oil degummed and rice bran oil Punjab rose by Rs 100 to…

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Vyapar Kesari is a business platform provided by the NNS Media Group, which offers news and updates on various commodities. It provides indications, analysis, and reviews of market trends related to various commodities.

Vyapar Kesari" provides various information such as market analysis, price changes, trading trends, expert opinions, and news related to other commodities

Our team ensures regular updates on Vyapar Kesari to provide you with the latest information on events happening in the commodity market. We strive to provide information and analysis within estimated time frames.

Yes,Vyapar Kesari is mobile-friendly, allowing you to conveniently access commodity news and updates on your smartphone or tablet. Stay connected whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, and get the information you need.

Yes, we have one! Our mobile app, 'NNS,' provides access to valuable resources from Vyapar Kesari and NNS Media Group. You can download the app from the Google Play Store to receive market news and information while on the move.

While the aim of Vyapar Kesari is to provide accurate and reliable information, it is important to conduct your own research and analysis before making any trading decisions.

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